Pulp Treatments

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a proceedure involving the nerve or pulp in the centre of the tooth. The nerve or pulp is the collection of blood vessels & nerves & is why teeth feel hot, cold & pain.

Root canal therpay is indicated when the pulp has been compromised either by extensive dental decay or by a traumatic injury where the tooth has broken, exposing the pulp.

Pulp therapy is a complex treatment and the final option for saving a very decayed tooth. It is not always successful & if the tooth does not respond well afterwards then an extraction may be necessary.

Extensive Dental Decay

If a cavity is very large or deep the bacteria from the lesion may pass into the nerve of the tooth.


If bacteria has entered into the nerve of the tooth but the nerve is still alive we can take out the infected top part & leave the nerve in the root canals = a PULPOTOMY


If bacteria have affected the whole nerve then the tooth is likely to be painful or show signs of an abscess (infection). Usually this is a small lump on the gum beside the
tooth but can develop into a serious infection making a child very unwell so must be treated properly. If we are planning to keep a tooth that is infected need to remove all of the infected nerve = PULPECTOMY or root canal. A crown is always placed in a tooth that has had pulp therapy.

Pulp Treatments Following Dental Trauma

When a tooth is broken the pulp can be exposed.

There are multiple management options in these situations depending on the age of the patient & the severity of the injury:

🦷 Pulp Cap

🦷 Partial Cvek Pulpotomy

🦷 Apexification

🦷 Root Canal treatment

🦷 Revascularisation