Interceptive Orthodontics


At Happyteeth we will monitor the growth & development your child's teeth. We will advise if there is a need for an orthodontic assessment - we can often tell from a very young age that braces will be needed. At the appropriate time, we will refer to an orthodontist - usually at age 12 but sometimes younger.

We will carry out any necessary intervention in younger children to help reduce crowding issues & will watch carefully for teeth erupting when & where they should.

Premature Extractions

If a tooth has a hopeless prognosis - we cannot save it, then we will advise extraction. This is never the first treatment of choice but unfortunately sometimes is the only option.

The disadvantage is that the
primary tooth should be holding the space for the permanent tooth underneath so if it is removed space can be lost leading to crowding. This may need correction with braces later on.

Space Maintainers

Sometimes we will place a space
maintainer where we have done an extraction to hold the space for the adult tooth to come into. There are cemented in until the new tooth erupts (usually 2-4 years).

Spacers are only suitable for compliant patients who have good oral hygiene & a tooth friendly diet or new decay can occur around the appliance.

Removable Appliances

We can fabricate removable appliances to correct simple issues in tooth position. These may have springs to move teeth forwards or devices to expand the arch.

Timely intervention will often prevent orthodontic need in the future or reduce the amount of future work needed.