Digital Radiographs

Dental Radiographs

We use digital Low-Dose X-Rays at Happyteeth - 80%-90% less radiation than traditional film radiography..

X-rays are an essential part of a paediatric dentist’s ability to diagnose and monitor the health of children’s dental health.

Without X-Rays we cannot see the full picture so may miss issues.

By taking x-rays we can see much more, including the primary and permanent teeth, their growth and eruption and any dental and bone disease e.g. infection, tumours or cysts. We can also assess damage from trauma. Most commonly X-Rays help us see cavities in between the teeth that are not visible to the eye.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays allows us to see the most thorough and complete picture of your child’s oral and dental health. They enable us to diagnose issues early, reducing treatment need.

We will advise you on a personalised schedule for radiographs for your child depending on their age & decay risk. Typically we recommend small X-Rays every 1-2 years to monitor for decay.