Treatment aims to remove the soft, damaged tooth and replace the area with a filling material. 

Ideally this will restore the function, strength and appearance of the teeth, preserving them.

Primary Front Teeth

When incisor (front) primary teeth are decayed we can place composite fillings or composite strip crowns.

Teeth repaired with composite
Permanent Front Teeth

Composite fillings can repair decayed or fractured adult front teeth. We can recreate the natural colour & shape of teeth to produce a lovely cosmetic result.

If a tooth is fractured the piece of tooth can be rebonded - the best restoration option is to replace the natural tooth.

Molar Fillings

When a back tooth has a small cavity we can place a composite restoration. We use a composite material that is tooth-coloured

We do not use Amalgam (mercury containing) filling material in Happyteeth.