Fluoride Varnish Treatment

Fluoride Varnish

Prevent Decay

Fluoride Varnish

What is fluoride varnish?

Fluoride varnish is like a long-lasting concentrated toothpaste that is very effective in preventing dental decay

How does it work?

Fluoride varnish helps remineralisation (strengthening) of the enamel surface and reduces cavities by up tp 30%. Fluoride varninsh can also help arrest early areas of decay on the tooth enamel & slow progression of cavities. Varnishes like Voco Profluoride that we use at Happyteeth, stay on the tooth surface for some hours, allowing slow release of the protective fluoride ion.

How is it applied?

Fluoirde varnish is painted on with a small brush & flossed down between all of the teeth. This is an easy, painless procedure & children often love the 'ice-cream' flavour of our varnish! This is done at the end of a visit after treatment & cleaning. It is recommended to avoid eating & drinking for 1 hour for maximim benefit.

How often should children have fluoride varnish treatment?

We recommend fluoride varnish twice a year for all children but more often for high decay risk children. We will advise you on a personalised fluoride varnish schedule for your child.